Latest Innovation Relies on Automatic Gain Control Feedback to Reduce Packet Processing Errors

September 12, 2017, Ottawa, Canada – Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc (YFI; TSX.V), the manufacturer of multi-channel WiFi3™ technology for high-density WiFi and wireless, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a continuation of U.S. Patent No. 9,705,715 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on July 11, 2017, which further adds to the company’s Automatic Gain Control (AGC) For Multichannel / Wideband Communications Systems. Our latest innovation improves packet processing and provides the best possible user experience in multi-channel WiFi and wireless systems.

“Wireless Access Points powered by WiFi3™ chipsets and radio cards optimize the use of the unlicensed RF spectrum – WiFi3™ is only WiFi solution to concurrently transmit and receive multiple channels from the same radio. With our latest innovation in WiFi, we’re improving the user experience by virtually eliminating one of the biggest issues in high density – improving packet processing.” said Eric Smith VP of Product at Edgewater Wireless. “In High Density (HD) WiFi networks, the biggest issue is managing interference while adding capacity – typically this means adding access points and increasing COSTS! The true stress test of HD WiFi performance is the ability to support more users at the highest possible performance with the fewest number of access points. The big question everyone wants to answer is; Can your WiFi network handle the data demand with 100s of ACTIVE users downloading data, using apps and uploading videos and photos or are you stuck with sub-par performance, dropped users and endless customer support calls?”

According to the Global Web Index – the average digital consumer has 3.64 WiFi-enabled devices; – smart phones, tablets and laptops – more devices per user is creating massive demand for data and connectivity mainly due to high-bandwidth data applications like video or latency sensitive services such as voice over WiFi (VoWiFI). Edgewater’s multi-channel WiFi3 AP architecture provides the highest possible WiFi system performance and highest channel density in wireless today.  Edgewater Wireless’ enhanced Automatic Gain Control capabilities ensure the best performance possible when users connect with multiple devices using WiFi3™-powered access points.

“WiFi users have always been told faster is better.  Yes, we all want things fast, but in high density wireless, all the speed in the world isn’t going to help when you can’t connect.  It’s not a matter of simply having a fast connection with 5 or 6 users when there are 100s of other wireless users who are trying and can’t connect.” said Andrew Skafel, President & CEO of Edgewater Wireless “A better WiFi experience at a hotel, shopping mall or even in a large apartment building starts with WiFi3™. WiFi3™ was built to handle more connections from more devices in any wireless environment by optimizing and making the best use of the RF spectrum”

Edgewater’s WiFi3 powered technology is the best Wi-Fi solution for carriers, service providers and systems integrators to address the growing problems of interference, capacity and critical mass of users which is stretching networks to their breaking point. Edgewater’s patented technology solves the high-density problem (solving capacity and interference) while also significantly reducing the equipment investment and operating costs for new network deployments.