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Where legacy, single-channel Wi-Fi fails, Spectrum Slicing shines!

Learn how DENSITY and INTERFERENCE create latency and degrade throughput for all Wi-Fi devices.  Spectrum Slicing is the solution to this problem, and a force multiplier for Wi-Fi.

Spectrum Slicing’s Killer App: Dual Channel Wi-Fi

Edgewater Wireless webinar with Special Guest

Compatible with all standards, Dual Channel Wi-Fi technology unlocks unused spectrum to dramatically reduce contention and latency while increasing airtime utilization on set-top boxes, TVs and soon, gaming platforms and iPads. Dual Channel Wi-Fi can be implemented wherever traditional single-channel Wi-Fi struggles with contention – in residential and enterprise applications globally. Join us to find out how this emerging standard will impact the global Wi-Fi market.

In this webinar, special guest Luther Smith, Director of  Wireless Access Technologies at CableLabs, and Eric Smith, VP of Product for Edgewater Wireless, will decode the impact Dual Channel Wi-Fi will have on the global Wi-Fi experience for device manufacturers and service providers.

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Why Spectrum Slicing is Critical to Wi-Fi Networks

W-iFi Spectrum Slicing for Critical Data Delivery

Network slicing is increasingly being adopted within the mobile communications environment, as a means to improve service performance and flexibility.  Using it’s unique patents, Edgewater Wireless takes Network Slicing a step further with Spectrum Slicing and is already seeing the significant benefits using this approach within the WiFi Spectrum.

WiFi Spectrum Slicing for Critical Data Delivery will be presented by Edgewater Wireless Vice President of Product Eric Smith, who has the rare talent for explaining complex technical concepts in layman’s terms.

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Spectrum Optimization Means Better Wi-Fi

Optimizing Spectrum in Dense Environments

“With the inevitably increasing number of wireless devices, managing scarce spectrum in WiFi, and in 5G, is more critical than ever.  Single-channel WiFi, even if the channel is wide, only generates optimal results when transmission and receive paths continuously stay free of congestion,” said Smith. “The reality is that’s rarely the case in high-density areas anymore. As a foundation of 5G, WiFi networks will need to alleviate traffic congestion by adding more channels rather than trying to squeeze all the data through a single one. A multi-channel solution, which enables more content to travel to and from more users at the same time from a single access point, is the only way forward.”

Optimizing Spectrum in Dense Environments was presented by Edgewater Wireless Vice President of Product, Eric Smith, who will decoded the density challenge and explain in layman’s terms the need for a multi-channel approach to a fluid and increasingly crowded WiFi environment.

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Spectrum Slicing for IoT Development

Spectrum Slicing is the Optimal Solution for IoT

With the proliferation of IoT devices in the home and enterprise, Spectrum Slicing presents a capacity boosting solution that can handle very large IoT device deployments whether in a loaded smart home or a security conscious retail chain.

In this webinar presented by CMC and Edgewater Wireless, learn how Spectrum Slicing can alleviate issues caused by high density IoT deployments.

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