We make Wi-Fi.  Better.

At our core, we are an innovation-driven, fabless semiconductor and IP licensing company dedicated to making Wi-Fi better for everyone.

Edgewater Wireless is the industry leader in groundbreaking Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing technology for residential, enterprise and prosumer applications.  Backed by over 26 granted patents — and more pending — our latest platform combines the performance promised in WiFi7 with the proven capabilities of Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing.  The MLX 488 platform is the only WiFi7 silicon solution to offer groundbreaking performance to the 20 Billion+ existing devices plus newer devices.  End the rip and replace mentality of previous generations of Wi-Fi.

Edgewater Wireless at a Glance:

  • Revolutionary Wi-Fi fabless semiconductor and IP licensing company
  • Global industry leader in Spectrum Slicing
  • 26 patents granted and over $60 million invested in R&D
  • Alumnae of the CableLabs backed accelerator program, UpRamp
  • Lead customers include Mediacom Cable, Kroger Corporation and the BBC
  • Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada
  • Trades as TSXV: YFI; OTC: KPIFF

Key competitive advantages:

  • Reduced capital expenditures (CAPEX) — higher channel density, or more lanes, means fewer access points to deploy and support.  We require less than half the access points used in legacy, single-channel solutions in many cases.
  • Dramatically lower support costs (OPEX) — more lanes means less congestion, or in the wireless world, fewer devices contending to use a lane, which means fewer delays or disruptions for your data traffic.  Fewer support calls and fewer truck rolls translate to real-world savings.
  • Generate more revenue — more lanes reduces contention and allows service providers to deliver higher value services, such as 4K video steaming and gaming, to customers.  Emerging standards, such as Dual Channel Wi-Fi™ offer insight to the demands of service providers in the home and identify revenue generating opportunities.

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