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Lab tests are great, but real-world Wi-Fi deployments where interference and capacity have a massive impact on Wi-Fi performance are the real benchmark.

Learn from our customers’ experience and request our case studies below.

High Density Wi-Fi for Venues

It doesn’t get more high density than a music festival. In this case study, Spectrum Slicing shines as it demonstrates how to connect more ravers, rockers and fans to give the venue user the quality of experience they crave.

High Availability Hospitality Wi-Fi

Spectrum Slicing provides dedicated channel for guaranteed “point of sale” device connectivity at busy restaurant, Supply and Demand.

High Density Hospitality Wi-Fi

Eliminating performance & interference issues at a busy marina made easier with Spectrum Slicing to service more boaters with fewer access points.

High Density Wi-Fi for Service Providers

Providing Wi-Fi service for customer connectivity in High Density & High Interference Environments

High Density Rural Wi-Fi

Provisioning Wi-Fi service to multiple users in a rural location can be challenging. Discover how Spectrum Slicing improves Wi-Fi QoS performance for TPNet