Wideband SSA ™

Wideband SSA ™

Spectral Surveillance Architecture (SSA™)  comes standard with Edgewater’s Spectrum Slicing silicon solutions and provides 360-degree RF surveillance. With the exponential increase of IoT and Wi-Fi enabled devices, Edgewater’s Wideband Spectral Surveillance monitors spectrum and provides real-time spectral awareness across all 802.11 frequency bands to identify RF interference within the band’s spectrum. 

Real-time Spectral Surveillance Architecture

Edgewater’s Spectrum Slicing powered Access Points with dedicated SSA™ contain an “Always On” channel to continuously scan the entire RF band without the need to disrupt normal data traffic to scan.  Spectrum Slicing with SSA™ is the answer for carriers, service providers and systems integrators to address the ongoing and persistent issues of interference which hinder communications in IoT and Wi-Fi networks. Spectrum Slicing enables continuous, concurrent RF scanning and simultaneous data communications.

Spectrum Slicing provides Spectral Signature Recognition- identifing types of RF Interference such as: frequency hoppers, microwave ovens, radar, OFDM, CCK, Bluetooth, cordless phones.


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