Are you tired of the rip-and-replace cycle of Wi-Fi?

Groundbreaking, Real World Wi-Fi performance without having to replace all devices on your network

According to industry experts, 90% of customers run 20 or 40Mhz wide Wi-Fi channels due to the impacts of contention and interference.  While most Wi-Fi silicon is tested in a Faraday cage, Edgewater Wi-Fi silicon solutions have been proven in the real world.  In the real world, 80, 160, and 320MHz channels are rarely available, if ever.  Edgewater’s Spectrum Slicing technology enables multiple links/channels in various widths to allow service providers to better engineer the available spectrum to support the proliferation of Wi-Fi devices.  We call this capability Multi-Flex MLO.

WiFi7 with Spectrum Slicing

Engineered to deliver the highest channel/link density in the industry, the tri-band, multi-link/channel WiFi7 networking platform from Edgewater delivers groundbreaking Wi-Fi connectivity features and functionality for residential, pro-sumer and enterprise applications. The world’s first platform to offer a generational shift in Wi-Fi performance for ALL devices.

Better Wi-Fi begins with a groundbreaking architecture — moving away from legacy, single-channel architectures to one engineered to support the ever-increasing number of Wi-Fi devices. Better Wi-Fi needs more physical (PHY) channels/links to support more devices — today and in the future.

We’ve engineered our Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing silicon solutions to deliver next-generation performance, and the data speaks for itself:

  • Low latency: 50% lower latency for all devices *
  • Higher aggregate throughput: 7-18 times performance gains
  • Efficient spectral usage: highest spectral re-use results in lowest contention for ALL devices

Our Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing silicon solutions are ideally suited for:

    • Residential gateways & mesh networks
    • Pro-sumer gaming routers
    • Enterprise Access Points
    • 5G DAS or Small Cells

    Our industry-leading Spectrum Slicing silicon solutions address the real-world challenges of density and interference. We’ll challenge what you thought you knew about Wi-Fi.

    MLX 488 WiFi7 Platform

    Edgewater’s next-generation Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing powered silicon solutions targeting residential, enterprise and prosumer applications.  Building on the latest Wi-Fi standard, WiFi7 (802.11BE), Edgewater’s groundbreaking platform offers more physical channel/link capacity than ALL legacy, single-channel Wi-Fi architectures.

    Edgewater’s MLX 488 WiFi7 platform is the world’s first silicon solution to couple the performance of WiFi7 with the proven robustness and flexibility of Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing: up to 320 MHz wide channel support, Multi-Flex MLO and 4K QAM.

    Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing enables more in-band links/channels than all legacy Wi-Fi architectures.  Backed by 26 granted patents, Edgewater’s physical layer spectrum slicing allows a frequency band to be divided, or sliced, to enable more radios to operate in a given area.  Think of Spectrum Slicing as moving from a single-land road to a multi-lane highway — Levelling up Wi-Fi features and applications for existing and new devices.

    Edgewater’s MLX 488 WiFi7 platform key features and benefits are engineered to include:

    • AI-enabled, dynamic channel width supporting up to 28 concurrent links/channels.
    • Multi-Flex MLO: the first high-performance MLO solution engineered to support multiple concurrent MLO connections.
    • Integrated SSA™ (Spectral Surveillance Architecture): real-time, full-band capture spectral surveillance capabilities without disrupting Wi-Fi traffic.
    • Intelligent Channel Association (ICA™) optimizes device and application layer performance.

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    Edgewater Wireless Development Kit

    Edgewater’s Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing Development Kit delivers a complete hardware and software package for developers to create an ecosystem of apps unlocking the power of Spectrum Slicing to the residential and enterprise Wi-Fi markets.

    ODMs, OEMs and technology innovators in Wi-Fi can leverage the power of Spectrum Slicing with an all-in-one prototyping module utilizing multi-channel Wi-Fi technology combined with a licensing and support package.

    The Spectrum Slicing development kit allows for easy integration and licensing of Edgewater’s wideband multi-channel technology into virtually any wireless product or application.

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