What is Dual Channel Wi-Fi?

No more drop-outs; no more lag; seamless connections unlocking video and gaming applications anywhere.

Edgewater Wireless’ product lab, in concert with CableLabs, the non-profit innovation and R&D lab founded by the $500B cable television industry, developed Dual-Channel WiFi to dramatically reduce latency by harnessing additional Wi-Fi channels to connect devices and prioritizing latency sensitive traffic.  Enabling multiple, concurrent, and aggregated downlink-only channels reduces contention and takes legacy WiFi connectivity to the next level.

Taking advantage of Spectrum Slicing, Edgewater’s Dual Channel Wi-Fi implementation operates on the concept of having one or more downlink-only data channels in addition to a standard bi-directional channel. There are solutions that attempt something similar by using Ethernet link or channel aggregation to enhance Wi-Fi data delivery speeds, but the basic issue of having to contend against upstream traffic still exists. In contrast, Spectrum Slicing powered Dual Channel Wi-Fi eliminates the AP from having to contend for air time to send data to Dual Channel Wi-Fi capable clients over as many channels as the device and ap are capable. The result is data can be delivered to these devices without upstream contention, increasing airtime utilization and eliminating delay caused by having to wait for other devices to clear the channel.


Dual Channel Wi-Fi with Spectrum Slicing

All the speed in the world can’t help you if you’re stuck in traffic. 

Because the Dual Channel Wi-Fi feature isn’t limited to only one downlink-only data channel, using Edgewater’s Spectrum Slicing is the ONLY solution to open up additional lanes – up to 11 – to dramatically transform the user experience.

How about a dramatically better, next-level Wi-Fi experience? 

Legacy single channel Wi-Fi is plagued by the familiar pixilated video connections or jittery game play – Spectrum Slicing unlocks otherwise unused spectrum to deliver next-level Wi-Fi for multiple applications including:


  • Gaming: Eliminate lag for high scores
  • Video:  Radically improve video streaming – HD with no pixilation or buffering


How do I get Dual Channel Wi-Fi with Spectrum Slicing?

For implementation guides and software downloads, visit the CableLabs blog or web pages.